About Us

If you think that a spotlight is like a regular old flashlight, then you are sadly mistaken. This can lead to questions on why it’s even worth buying one. Spotlights not only far exceed in beam reach and spread, but also offer operators a versatile set of options for use. Consumers can choose between battery-powered, rechargeable or solar-powered spotlights, as well as, the type of beam spread and grip. Whether used for hunting or illuminating a yard, there’s no doubt that these exceptionally powerful lights are everything but “regular”.

Blindly choosing a spotlight can lead to wasted money and time. Our main concern and goal here at Boom Boom Boom is to educate as many people as possible over each and every aspect of LED spotlights. Whether you are looking for advice on which model to choose or just learning the basics, we ensure that we will try our hardest to answer each and every question you have!