“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” -Seth Godin

You’re invited to Fireworks Factory, an invite-only conference for smart web marketers. A couple of years ago we started talking about the kind of marketing conference we’d love to attend:

  • The smartest marketers would be there
  • The conversations would be about web strategy, not WordPress plug-ins
  • It would be an emerging trust network, where we could talk about failures as well as successes
  • It wouldn’t have any sponsors
  • The speakers would have insights to share, not products to sell

We haven’t discovered a conference like this yet. So, we’re starting one.

Camp David for Web Marketers

Capulet Communications invites you to the first Fireworks Factory conference — a kind of Camp David for web marketers. We’re holding the event at Galiano Inn from June 11-13, 2013. We strongly recommend you stay overnight to make the best of the time we’ll have together.

Speakers will be leaders in their field and will not be the folks we’ve already seen speak at Third Tuesday, Internet Marketing conference, Mesh West and so forth.

Capulet is organizing Fireworks Factory as a not-for-profit venture — we won’t be making any revenue and we’ll be volunteering our time as organizers. We’ll be happy to make the budget public if that’s of interest.

For those of you with a professional development budget, we think this would be a great place to use it!

Who Will Come

Fireworks Factory is by invitation-only. Participation in Fireworks Factory is for these kinds of people:

  • They’re mid-level or senior people who are responsible for web communications or marketing at their organization, or are consultants in similar roles.
  • They’re probably decision-makers, and they’re definitely responsible for developing web strategy.
  • They’re non-douchey, and people you’d like to spend a couple of days with.
  • You think they’ll have something to contribute to our conversations.